Horizontal Rod Holder

SeaSucker Horizontal Rod Holder

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Horizontal Rod Holders

Horizontal Rod Holders

The SeaSucker Horizontal Rod Holder provides extra rod storage for your boat and car. Your rods are stored horizontally which makes it ideal to use along your boat’s gunwales. Alternatively, you could use it inside an SUV / 4×4 vehicle along the rear windows or on the roof of your car.

The SeaSucker Horizontal Rod Holder consists of two rubber inserts each with their own 114mm Vacuum Mount. Each rubber insert has a strong Velcro strap to secure your rods. Your fishing rods are stored in a criss-cross manner.

Horizontal Rod Holder mounted along the boats gunwales

Horizontal Rod Holder mounted along the boat’s gunwales

The rubber insert has provision to store 3 rod butts and 3 rod tips.  This gives you a total capacity of 6 fishing rods if the reels have been removed. The SeaSucker Horizontal Rod Holder can also be used to store fishing gaffs and boat hooks.

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