Temporary Speaker Mounts

How customer feedback lead to a new product

Dean’s Dilemma


SeaSucker Temporary Speaker Mount with speaker mounted to the wall

SeaSucker Temporary Speaker Mount with speaker mounted to the wall

Dean is an existing customer having purchased an iPad Galaxy Mount several years ago. When he placed an order for more products we called Dean to better understand his needs. Dean used his SeaSucker iPad Mount to secure the rear effects speakers on his wall. That’s right, he used the iPad Galaxy Mount to avoid drilling holes in the wall of the unit he was renting.

As Dean puts it “I used your vacuum mounts to suspend my speakers from the wall”. We had never tested plaster as a surface as our thoughts were the surface was not smooth enough. We conducted a series of tests and quickly discovered the following:

  1. The SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts will work on plaster painted with matte, gloss or semi gloss paint
  2. The SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts will NOT work on horse hair plaster typically found in period homes
  3. The SeaSucker Vacuum Mounts will NOT work on wallpapered plaster or textured paint

Temporary Speaker Mounts – The Customer Problem

If you are renting then mounting speakers permanently is out of the question. If have a sound system in your living room but don’t wish to permanently bolt in place your surround sound speakers then we have the solution for you.

Temporary Speaker Mounts – The SeaSucker Solution

Temporary Speaker Mount with speaker mounted to the wall side view

Temporary Speaker Mount with speaker mounted to the wall side view

Working with Dean we prototyped three temporary speaker mounts; two fixed and one adjustable speaker mount. Today we would like to introduce our Fixed Temporary Speaker Mounts. Over the last three weeks, we tested this solution using various plaster surfaces to make sure our vacuum mounts were up to the job.

Using a 6.5 kg book shelf speaker we conducted a series of one hour, two-hour, four-hour and eight-hour tests. During all tests the SeaSucker vacuum mounts maintained maximum holding power, never requiring more vacuum. On top of this we decided to push the boundaries by NOT adding moisture to the vacuum mounts. In each test the SeaSucker vacuum mounts still maintained maximum holding power. Below are pictures of our world first Fixed Temporary Speaker Mounts.

Buy online the SeaSucker Temporary Speaker Mount through our online store.


Vacuum Mount Diameter: 114 mm

Speaker Mount Height (vacuum mount engaged): 60 mm

Speaker Mounting Disk Diameter: 63 mm

Component breakdown

The SeaSucker Fixed Temporary Speaker Mounts consists of the following components:

  1. 114 mm vacuum mount (available in both black and white)
  2. 63 mm aluminium anodised Speaker Bracket
  3. 1/4 – 20 Stainless Steel grub screw

Please Note: The countersunk screws for the Speaker Bracket are not included. We chose not to include them as the thickness of your speaker housing will vary.

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